Members of the CMNCP encourage urban, rural, and Indigenous communities across Canada or organizations working in the area of ​​crime prevention and community safety & well-being to join us to strengthen our voice of locally-led approaches to crime prevention and community safety .

Help us help your communities and all communities across Canada to build a safer, healthier, more inclusive and more prosperous Canada through crime prevention.

By becoming CMNCP member, your community or organization will have ready access to international and national evidence-based crime prevention programs and practices, mentorship, and support from community safety specialists and peer practitioners, as well as workshops and training. 

CMNCP encourages urban, rural, and Indigenous communities across Canada to join us to strengthen our voice.


General Member

  • Municipality/community within a province or territory of Canada, whether incorporated or unincorporated, Indigenous governments, and an organization specifically focused on localized crime prevention and community safety as per By-Law No. 1.
  • As set out in the Articles, each Regular Member is entitled to receive notice of, attend and vote at all Meetings of Members and each such Regular Member shall be entitled to one (1) vote at such meetings.

Associate Member 

  • Any public body, educational institution, provincial or federal authority or not-for-profit association that is not a municipal organization, not-for-profit organization (eg, university, Canadian Mental Health Association, International Center for the Prevention of Crime) according to the provisions of Section 3.1 in By-Law No. 1.
  • Subject to the Act and the Articles, an Associate Member shall be entitled to receive notice of and attend Meetings of the Members of the Corporation, but shall not be entitled to vote at such meetings.

First, please review the 2021-2023 CMNCP Membership document for more information on membership benefits and fees.

Then, when you’re ready to apply, please click here to complete the application.

If you have any question about memberships or how to join, please contact info@safercities.ca


CMNCP membership fees are calculated on a population-based structure. Membership fees are used for coordination, communication, and other core activities.