“In 2016, we have the evidence that crime can be prevented by investing more in the services that tackle the causes of crime. Less crime means less harm to citizens and less need for expensive reactive services. Municipalities can play a key role in targeting those preventive services to where they are most needed but require financial and other support from other orders of government.”

– Christiane Sadeler & Patrice Allard (CMNCP Co-Chairs)

Together For Safer Canadian Municipalities

The CANADIAN MUNICIPAL NETWORK ON CRIME PREVENTION (CMNCP) is a community of practice created to build capacity and mobilize Canadian municipalities to prevent and reduce crime and foster community safety and well-being. CMNCP aims to increase investment in effective, evidence-based and collaborative crime prevention strategies in municipalities.

MEMBERS represent Canadian municipalities from across Canada. They enable the stakeholders and the public in their municipalities to

  • access the accumulated evidence on what has worked to prevent crime,
  • share good practice in successful crime prevention, and
  • learn from the practical experiences of other members.

Members collaborate on ways to foster financial and practical support from different sectors providing services to citizens living in municipalities as well as other orders of government.

The VISION of CMNCP is to foster community safety and well-being through strategies that go beyond the established reactive police and criminal justice activities. These include the full range of preventive measures that can tackle the causes of crime through stronger actions and innovations in sectors such as schools, housing, social and youth services, health and preventative policing.  This requires the mobilization of stakeholders in these sectors, greater public engagement, and strategies based on collaboration, evidence, planning, and evaluation of results.  It is dependent on leadership, adequate funding and active support from the established police and criminal justice sectors.

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Introduction to crime prevention video